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UK clinical trial kick-off

UK Thermotherapy Special Interest Group

On the 20th October 2023 the first meeting of the Special Interest Group was held. Clinicians and physicists from Kings College London, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham and Clatterbridge Cancer Centre met in Birmingham to discuss the outline of UK clinical trials, elaborating on phase II and III randomised multicentre clinical trials using thermotherapy.

There was also representation from MacMillan Cancer Support and from NHS radiotherapy Operational Delivery Networks, giving valuable input.  

The meeting was hosted by Prof. Stephan Bodis, medical advisor for Sensius, and co-hosted by AMG Medtech Limited, their UK sales agent.

During the meeting the group discussed and agreed upon a course of action for future trial collaboration between their various organisations, funding options, public awareness and clinical workflows.

Other radiotherapy centres have shown a strong interest in participating in the trials and the intention of starting after UKCA marking has been received, expected in early 2026.

Further details of the meeting are expected to be published in due course.


D 0409 231020 Picture UK workshop