Privacy Policy

Personal data will be stored at any given time only if you receive a product and/or service from Sensius BV or in case you have given your explicit consent.

Personal data will be stored by (Effective 2019-07-01):

Entrepreneur: Paul van den Biggelaar
Business name: Sensius BV
Office address: Office Address à Unit BA 589 – Erasmus MC, Dr. Molewaterplantoen 40, PO Box 2040,  3000 CA Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Telephone number: +31 (0) 10 704 4853
Chamber of Commerce Registration: 63034522

Sensius BV is bound by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), keeping customer administration and data management for analysis and marketing purposes. Sensius BV has the duty to carry out its responsibilities under the GDPR. Sensius BV is responsible for all data processing on behalf of Sensius BV, including

Sensius BV collects and processes personal data for costumers administration, the general implementation of the agreement, the collection of payments, the website, marketing and to comply with legal obligations.

The personal data collected by Sensius BV will serve mainly to comply with the agreement relating to the provision of a product and/or service by Sensius BV. If this data is not provided, Sensius BV is unable to fulfil its contractual obligations.

Sensius BV handles your personal data with utmost care and does everything reasonably possible to store you data in a safe manner. Possible data breaches will be reported to both the Dutch “Data Protection Authority (DPA)” and those whose personal data may have been compromised. In the event of a data breach, Sensius BV will always take appropriate measures to safeguard the integrity of the website.

If you feel that your personal information is used, gained, saved and/or obtained incorrectly, and it is despite numerous requests impossible to delete your information, you can submit a complaint at the Dutch DPA at any time.

Sensius BV stores the following types of your personal data

  • to implement the agreement: your name, address, postal code, city, email address and/or telephone number; 
  • to pay and handle invoices: your name, address, postal code and city;
  • to distribute our newsletters: your name and email address;
  • to discover and handle business relationships: your name, business address, business postal code, business city, business email address and/or business telephone number;
  • to handle complaints and questions: your name, address, postal code, city, email address and/or telephone number.

Personal data is never stored for a longer period than is strictly necessary and can be viewed, altered and removed by you at any time. When using pictures or other images showing natural people, Sensius BV will always first ask permission of the person whose picture or image will be used. Viewing, altering and removing (including the right to be permanently removed), and withdrawing your consent can be effected by means of the newsletter or through an unambiguous statement addressed to

We will remove your personal data

  • in relation to the implementation of the agreement: 5 years after termination of the agreement for possible future agreements, unless you have explicitly given permission to store the personal data for a longer period or if the data must be kept for a longer period due to legal regulation or provision;
  • in relation to payment and handling invoices: 7 years after paying the relevant invoice, in order to fulfil the legal obligation of the Dutch Tax Authorities;
  • in relation to the newsletter: after cancellation;
  • in relation to business relationships: 5 years after the last contact;
  • in relation to handling complaints and questions: after satisfactory resolution of the complaint, unless the complaint or question is governed by an agreement; in that case the rules in relations to agreements are applicable.

To comply in accordance with the agreement, Sensius BV is able to employ a number of external parties whom may also have access to your data. In any case these parties will only store your data for the amount of time required to perform their work. This personal data will under no circumstances be used for any purposes other than the work performed on behalf of Sensius BV, unless the people who are involved explicitly have been asked for permission. All external transfers of personal data are subject to data processing agreements.

For the hosting of the website and app of Sensius BV uses a webhosting party. Personal data,
insofar as it is required for the hosting of the website/app, will be made available to the webhosting party.

For the distribution of its newsletter Sensius BV uses an email service provider. Personal data, insofar as it is required for the distribution of its newsletter, will be made available to the email service provider.

In case you wish to receive more information about which data is used by the external parties, you can send an email to .

Sensius BV is at liberty to compile a blacklist in relation to personal data of people who have committed a serious infringement of the trust invested in them by Sensius BV. The blacklist will be retained indefinitely and access will only be given to a very limited group of employees of Sensius BV. The blacklist will be stored, also for future deals of Sensius BV. People who fail to meet payments despite repeatedly requested, will be included on the blacklist.