220620 Screenshot PR grant EIC

Sensius has been awarded funding from EIC Accelerator

The mission of Sensius is to deliver optimized radiotherapy treatment outcomes for patients with head and neck cancer. Thereby balancing therapeutic outcome with Quality of Life through thermotherapy.

Sensius’ first application consists of the HyperCollar4D (‘Focus System’) as an adjuvant for radiotherapy for Head and Neck cancer.

Now, EIC Accelerator has awarded funding for this project. Paul van den Biggelaar, CEO of Sensius: ‘This EIC Accelerator grant allows us to further develop our thermotherapy system in collaboration with Erasmus University Medical Center and leading Medical Centers in other countries’.

The project abstract

We have developed a device – called HyperCollar4D – that significantly increases the effectiveness of radiotherapy for head and neck (H&N) cancer. The first results on 70 patients have proven that our technology yields +50% complete response with respect to radiotherapy alone. The HyperCollar4D is based on hyperthermia: warming up the tumor to 43 ˚C improves its sensitivity to radiotherapy. Hyperthermia yields no lasting toxicity, unlike radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The challenge with hyperthermia is delivering it effectively (i.e., heating only the tumor and not the nearby tissues) and cost-efficiently. The HyperCollar4D is the first device to achieve effective and cost-efficient hyperthermia treatments for H&N cancer. Our technology (called ‘thermotherapy’) is protected by two patents (one granted and one filed). The HyperCollar4D design is modular, so it can be extended to add modules to treat other kinds of cancers. Sensius is a spin-off of the Erasmus Medical Center.

220620 Screenshot PR grant EIC