D 0409 230929 ESHO Young Investigator Award v2

Key Events during ESHO 2023 Cologne by Sensius

Clinical trial discussion and Award for Young Investigator


During ESHO 2023 in Cologne Sensius hosted a meeting with 8 clinics that will result in a multicenter RCT in 4 European countries. The clinical trial protocol will be tailored to the demands of the national reimbursement authorities.

In the conference, several speakers stressed the need for clinical trials as this is the path to reimbursement and widespread adoption of hyperthermia. Switzerland is the frontrunner in this, where reimbursement has led to a boost in the number of clinics that now offer hyperthermia to cancer patients, opening more treatment options for clinicians and their patients.

Sensius congratulates Oliver Hihn from the Medical University Tübingen (Germany) with his ESHO Sensius Young Investigator Award. Oliver was recognized for his outstanding research on describing the senescence of tumor cells after treatment with the combination of immunotherapy with mild thermotherapy. Through live-cell multiphoton microscopy he makes this effect not only visible but also quantifiable.

D 0409 230929 ESHO Young Investigator Award v2