Future: More treatment options

Our technology enables clinicians to apply thermotherapy treatment to the precise site of the tumor.

The Sensius system is a technology platform for the treatment of solid tumors. Different body site applicators will be available in the future. These various applicators are connected to the FocusCore, which produces the microwaves. These microwaves are controlled by the FocusControl software module. The antennas in the applicator direct the microwaves to the tumor.  

The first applicator is for the treatment of Head and Neck Cancer. A prototype is already in use in Erasmus MC (Rotterdam, NL). The prototype is now in the transition to a commercial product. We aim for market launch early 2024.

The second applicator is for the treatment of intact breast cancer (the FocusCup). This will be released early 2025 for clinical evaluation.

Other applicators that we anticipate to develop are FocusBlanket and FocusExtremity.