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Balanced Treatment

There is a growing recognition that improving quality of life for cancer patients an important goal of healthcare is. This includes balancing the effects of a therapy.

We are providing the therapist our system as well as the necessary controls to balance the treatment.

We developed a hyperthermia system to support solid cancer treatments.  Our system allows controlled heating of the target region, while at the same preserving the surrounding tissue and organs. Localized heating is generated by an integrated system of microwave sources controlled by interactive software. The tight control we provide forms the next generation of hyperthermia solutions, which we termed thermotherapy.

The interactive software allows the therapist to make adjustments during treatment based on feedback from sensors and the patient. The patient can be encouraged to give feedback to the therapist in order to make the treatment favorable and acceptable for the patient. This adaptive treatment enables the therapist to interact with patients to improve the quality of life achieved.

We termed this cooperation between therapist, patient and interactive adaptation a balanced treatment.

AdobeStock 329430947