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Swiss clinics engage with Sensius

Sensius improves the perspective for cancer patients by using thermotherapy. Two widely renowned Swiss clinical institutes, Inselspital Bern and Kantonsspital Aarau have engaged Sensius via Letters of Intent to collaborate on the introduction of thermotherapy for head and neck cancer.

Thermotherapy treatment is used in combination with traditional therapies, such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Parties’ objective is to cooperate in scientific research for product development, product consultancy, clinical trials and the establishment of reimbursement in Switzerland.

Kantonsspital Aarau has long time experience with hyperthermia and has been the driver for the creation of the Swiss Hyperthermia Network. Prof. Dr. med. Oliver Riesterer, chair of the radiotherapy department at Kantonsspital Aarau: “The combination of radiotherapy and thermotherapy improves treatment outcome for various cancer entities including head and neck cancer.” Prof. Riesterer continues: “The favourable mechanisms of interaction between both treatment strategies result in increased efficacy against the primary tumor without increasing toxicity.”

University hospital Inselspital Bern is a tertiary specialized center in treating head and neck cancer in Switzerland. “Current treatment regimes with radio- and or chemotherapy are not satisfactory because of high recurrence rates while toxicity affects the quality of life of patients” says Dr. med. Emanuel Stutz. Sensius will provide us a new technology to heat deep seated head and neck tumors enabling us to combine radiotherapy and hyperthermia in this tumor entity as well”.

Paul van den Biggelaar, CEO of Sensius, feels firmly supported by the collaboration with these Swiss clinics: “Switzerland is actively engaged with mild heating as a sensitizer for radio- and chemotherapy. The commitment of Kantonsspital Aarau and Inselspital Bern is a logical step in the process of advancing this therapy for head and neck cancer patients. We look forward to the collaboration with these leading hospitals.”

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