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Sensius unveils new applicator design

Warsaw, 22 May 2019 - Using novel technology, developed by Erasmus MC and TU-Delft, Sensius has redesigned the Head and Neck Applicator.

The new design is premiered at the annual congres of the European Society of Hyperthermic Oncology, ESHO2019 in Warsaw, Poland.

The new applicator design amplifies the strength of thermotherapy to provide focus of the heat to only the tumor. The novel technology improves the continuous connection between the antennas and the patient, so that the energy remains focused.

Patients will experience more comfort during treatment. Breathing and sight will be unimpaired. Mild pressure will be applied to assure optimal connection between the applicator and the skin. While the system is activated, the patient will hear a murmuring sound alike the babbling of a brook.

The new applicator design will be easy to use for clinicians. The combined coverage of the head and the neck in one design eliminates the need of different bolus shapes, simplifying the setup of the device prior to treatment. Patient positioning is faster: no tilt adjustment of the applicator is required. These steps save time and allow for a better patient interaction.

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