Sensius receives first investment from UNIIQ 001 760x380 300x150

Sensius receives first investment from UNIIQ for the HyperCollar3D

Sensius, an Erasmus MC Spinoff company developing novel cancer treatment using hyperthermia, is receiving €300,000 from the UNIIQ investment fund and Erasmus MC. 

Using this investment, Sensius can make an important step forward to provide better treatment options for patients with head and neck cancer. The investment was announced by Liduina Hammer, Fund Manager UNIIQ and Thijs Spigt, Director Erasmus MC TTO, during the Life Sciences@Work ExpertClass2 in Rotterdam.

Deep thermal therapy with the HyperCollar3D

The current treatment methods for people diagnosed with head and neck cancer still yield 50% recurrence of the tumor and a low quality of life due to negative side effects of the existing therapy.

Sensius collaborates with the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute, that has developed the HyperCollar3D after years of research to the positive effects of thermal therapy. It is proven that accurate controlled delivery of microwave hyperthermia in combination with chemotherapy or radiotherapy improves the chances of patients to get cured with more than 50%.

Patients need better treatment options.

Sensius will work with the international medical community to turn the research and prototyping of Erasmus MC into a commercial product. “Patients need better treatment options”, says Paul van den Biggelaar, co-founder and CEO of Sensius, “the HyperCollar3D clearly offers better chances for patients, without negative side effects. The support from UNIIQ brings this improvement closer to patients worldwide.”

“At UNIIQ, we enable promising innovations”, says Liduina Hammer, Fund manager at UNIIQ”. “The Hypercollar3D developed by Sensius is an excellent example of such an innovation with an important contribution to value for society. With the support of UNIIQ, Sensius will further show the business viability of this important improvement in cancer therapy”.

With the investment by UNIIQ and Erasmus MC, Sensius will collaborate with physicians to detail the requirements of the therapy to include thermal therapy in the standard treatment protocol  for head and neck cancer. Based on the results of completed clinical studies Sensius will work to enable cancer centers to start adding thermal treatment for late stage cancer patients within a few years.

Sensius receives first investment from UNIIQ 001 760x380 300x150