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Prof. Bodis joins Sensius as Medical Advisor

Prof. Em. Stephan Bodis joins Sensius as Medical Advisor

Stephan Bodis serves Sensius as senior medical advisor. His goal is to strengthen the strategic and operative medical leadership role within Sensius management and the national and international clinical networks including the launch of clinical trials.

Prof. Bodis was active in research and in clinical fields of oncologic thermotherapy/hyperthermia both on a national and international level. One achievement was the regular and mandatory reimbursement for selected oncologic hyperthermia indications in combination with radiotherapy in Switzerland.

He started as a head of department of the Strahlentherapie Klinik in Kantonspital Aarau in 2003, until he retired in 2022. In that capacity, he rebuilt the hyperthermia department and was a frontrunner in setting up clinical trials, combining mainstream cancer treatments and hyperthermia. By the time he retired, the clinic is the driving force behind the boom in hyperthermia that currently exists in Switzerland. Numerous specialists have been trained in these years and hundreds of patients have been treated, with increasing success. The demonstrated success in clinical trials has led to regular reimbursement.

Stephan Bodis: “I decided to join Sensius because of their science based entrepreneurship. They combine innovation and flexibility, operating towards a solution that fits in the hospital workflow, very close to the clinical patient care.”

Paul van den Biggelaar, CEO: “We are proud to have Stephan Bodis on board. He has demonstrated leadership in this treatment field, which makes him perfect to support Sensius in the right direction with clinical trials.”

D 0407 230905 Stephan Bodis FitMaxWzkzMCwzMzZd