Sensius and AMG Medtech sign partnership agreement to develop the UK thermotherapy market

Sensius and AMG Medtech are pleased to announce a new commercial partnership. AMG will represent Sensius in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Together they aim to build a network of clinics to demonstrate the effectiveness of thermotherapy in clinical trials, to be followed by nationwide adoption.

Thermotherapy uses heating directed accurately to tumour sites to enhance their response to other treatments, such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy. This could enable lower doses and fewer treatment sessions for patients to achieve improved quality of overall treatment.

AMG Medtech is a medical imaging consultancy and has an extensive network in the radiotherapy community which they already serve with software solutions.

Sensius develops thermotherapy solutions in close cooperation with researchers and clinicians, adding on to mainstream cancer therapies like radiotherapy and chemotherapy. This enables clinicians to enhance the clinical outcome, or to lower toxicity and improve the Quality of Life of their patients.

Sensius and AMG would like to thank @Richard Shaffer, a leading oncologist, who established the connection between the two companies.

Rik Kielman, Chief Commercial Officer of Sensius: “The UK is an important area in the commercial strategy of Sensius. We really feel that AMG will contribute to our ambition to market our solution as they already did with other innovative products.”

Freddie Elliott, director of AMG: “We received signals from our customers about this new technology, and are excited that we can support our customers’ ambition to be frontrunner in innovative cancer treatment. We feel that the Sensius solution will make an impact, based on initial results.”