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In December 2017 our CEO Paul van den Biggelaar was interviewed by the Life Sciences & Health 010 magazine about thermotherapy and the very innovative HyperCollar3D.

Van den Biggelaar: ‘Head and neck cancer is very complex. Using the traditional treatment methods, only four in ten patients survive to five years. With an early diagnosis, medication or a minor operation may be sufficient, but this type of tumor is often only discovered at a late stage. Unfortunately they then often display rapid proliferation, and in half the cases they also recur later.
It has emerged in practice that if thermal therapy is added to the treatment, the cure percentage increases by fifty per cent. Also, there are no additional side effects such as the loss of teeth, or saliva glands no longer working, due to existing therapies with irradiation or chemo.’


Please read the complete interview in the Life Sciences & Health 010 magazine >
(The interview is published on page 18 – 19)

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