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Experience meets innovation: Charité and Sensius cooperation

Charité and Sensius intend to cooperate in product development and clinical trials

Prof. Dr. Daniel Zips (Head of department Charité Strahlentherapie) and Paul van den Biggelaar (CEO Sensius) gladly announce their intended cooperation. Parties intent to cooperate in scientific research for product development, product consultancy, reimbursement and clinical trials.

Charité has a longstanding reputation in the combination of hyperthermia with regular cancer treatment and sees the beneficial effects for patients. Sensius is developing a new device for administering thermotherapy in addition to radiotherapy in Head and Neck Cancer. Patients with HNC will benefit from the first device that is capable of sensitizing cancer treatments in this area.

The parties will develop a roadmap to outline a comprehensive clinical research path. This will contribute to the scientific basis for the device. Also, Charité will do first in patient testing in order for Sensius to obtain CE marking. After that, the device will be used for clinical trials and to get reimbursement in Germany.

According to Prof. dr. Zips: “we see the need for sensitizing treatment in HNC. Patients will benefit and we look forward to contribute to this. We really expect that the Sensius device is a paradigm shift in cancer treatment”.

Paul van den Biggelaar: “we are excited that a hospital with a longstanding experience in sensitizing cancer treatment and excellent scientific standing sees the benefit of our approach and is willing to support this with their knowledge and expertise.”

W 0409 230420 Picture signing LOI Charite