D 0409 230929 Signing LOI Andromedic Sensius

Andromedic and Sensius sign LOI

Cooperation on marketing & sales in Italy

During the ESHO in Cologne, Andromedic and Sensius signed a Letter of Intent outlining the cooperation between the companies. The companies will collaborate to advance hyperthermia and thermotherapy in the Italian market. The cooperation includes involvement of the Italian oncology societies and the design and execution of clinicals trials leading to reimbursement.

Next to the business development activities, Andromedic will represent Sensius as a sales agent in the Italian market.

Andromedic is an established hyperthermia device manufacturer that sells capacitive devices in Europe and South East Asia. Sensius is a company that develops thermotherapy solutions for the treatment of solid tumors, starting with the head and neck area.

Salvatore Conte, founder and commercial director of Andromedic: “Sensius develops a science-based solution for the treatment of solid tumors which we expect to be a major factor in the battle against cancer, starting with head and neck cancer.”

Rik Kielman, CCO of Sensius: “Andromedic has an extended network of clinicians in Italy. Their philosophy about business development is totally in line with the Sensius philosophy of how to build a market.”

D 0409 230929 Signing LOI Andromedic Sensius