About us

Sensius has created a personalized, deep penetrating thermotherapy solution, using proprietary technology and software, able to optimize the treatment regimen for each cancer patient.

Sensius’ thermotherapy solution has been designed to fit seamlessly into the workflow of cancer patients undergoing treatment with radiotherapy.
Sensius’ thermotherapy technology has been validated by a growing body of clinical data and KOL support from a broad range of cancer specialists.

Sensius’ thermotherapy products have a clear path to market in Europe and the US, via a CE Mark filing in Europe and US IDE filing. The initial target indication is head and neck cancer, which is expected to be followed by breast cancer and melanoma.

Accomplishments to Date

  • The technology currently used, is based on a third developed prototype. The first prototype development started in 2002.
  • With the prototypes, over 70 patients were treated successfully.
  • A retrospective study of the treatment of 22 patients with recurrent or second primary Head and Neck cancer at Erasmus MC (the TRIHAN study) demonstrated that thermo radiation provides a 77% (12 weeks) complete response, while the 2 years local control is comparable to a treatment with chemoradiation (Ward et al. 2017), but in absence of the toxicity associated to chemotherapy treatment.
  • The product concepts are designed. The development plan has been drawn up.
  • Sensius has a cooperation with Erasmus MC, a leading key-resource hospital. The roadmap for continuous research in thermotherapy is guaranteed.